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Here it is!

Love is a feeling, …. An emotion….. An energy.

What happens when it is lacking?

We experience sadness, loneliness and fear.

When you allow love to be felt whether given or received, it feels good, uplifting and alive, and we then crave more of this feeling. We often put limits on love, or things have to be justified, or look, feel or BE right. When this happens we are blocking “love” by putting up walls. Love has no judgments, no fears or conditions, it just “is”. When we come to this place, love just flows, it IS.

This Love Yourself Spray was brought to me from a place of Love. All of the energies in it are Love. First, there is the energy of Archangel Raziel, from whom this was received, there is energy from my Angel Healing Harp where the healing tones of the heart and root center were divinely added, and there is the loving/balancing energy from a healing crystal. I have also personally added a healing symbol to each and every bottle, which was divinely given to me.

Using this Love Yourself Spray can bring feelings of happiness, peace, inner calm, joy and much Love. Experiencing these uplifting feelings, allows space for Love to be experienced in a way that aligns with our true selves. When we love, we grow in our relationships with ourselves and others, bringing much more meaning to our everyday lives, our perspectives can change as a result. Use this spray while working on welcoming more love into your life, including with yourself.

Spray in your aura/ in each room to raise the energies to a more loving place in your home or office. Great for plants and animals as well.

Not used to cure disease or illness, but to promote a general sense of wellness.

Use caution during pregnancy.

4 oz.


I just gotta share this story! I received the amazing Love Yourself spray that Dawn Simpson has created in the mail and opened it last night after teaching my ALC class. We ran late and I was pretty tired but still wired from a wonderful discussion, so I sprayed Dawn’s magical potion all over the bed with an intention to wind down and create calm. (I also thought it would help the beasts – our cats had kept us up the night before because they’d missed so much when we were away.) THEN I read Dawn’s instructions to spray ONCE – hahahaha!! I probably spritzed 6 or 8 times with this powerful elixir.

When Peter Roe (hubby) awoke this morning, he told me about his dream…

He was a prince and I was a princess. We were attracted to each other, but I just wasn’t that in to him so we parted. He was sad so he created a powerful – MIST of LOVE that he sprayed me with. Once I was drenched in the mist, we fell madly in love and lived happily ever after. ;)…
The punch line? Peter had NO IDEA that I’d sprayed our bed nor was he even aware that I’d received this from Dawn!

Don’t you just love it?!!! Enjoy your day earth angels! ♥ Rev.Nina Roe, Founder of

I received my bottle of Dawn Simpson’s new ‘Love’ spray and it is amazing! Especially on the animals in the house. I have a high-strung Beagle and after one spritz in the room just to test it out, Miss Trixie mellowed out and took a nice snooze instead of barking at kids & dogs going past on the street. That in and of itself is a miracle! I’m taking it to work tomorrow and spritzing my phone and computer to bring me only good and loving calls, messages and interactions! I’ll let you know what happens!! ~ D

The day I received my Love yourself spray, I came home to find an agitated family. My husband and I got into an unusual argument over what appeared to come out of nowhere. While my husband went for a walk to cool down and I sprayed my house. When he returned, we talked about how we just misunderstood each other’s perspective and were very easily able to move along with our day in a loving way. I’ve also sprayed in my office on a few occasions when things seemed more tense than usual and it has worked like a charm. Loving the results of the Love yourself spray. ~ M

I have been using it in my office each morning. There seems to be more harmony! (The one day I did not use it there was a major “misunderstanding” between 2 colleagues)! ~ M

I’ve been using in the office and things have been VERY calm! ALSO! It got the real test tonight when my 4 y.o. friend came over for dinner. Last two visits over the past two weeks have been challenging and, like a typical 4 y.o., has more energy than she knows what do with and is VERY temperamental and particular. Sometimes I’m not sure what will set her off. Any hoooo, she loves my essential oils so today I told her I had a new one to try and I did the 1 spray just above her head so it could float down and cover her aura. She loved the scent and we had a very calm and peaceful dinner & visit! I’m tellin’ya, this stuff is pure magic. I will be sending a semi tanker to Dawn Simpson’s house so I have 1) enough to bathe in and 2) a lifetime supply! ~ D

Sprayed my 15 year old son’s aura with Dawn’s Love Yourself spray before church. He was the calmest and stillest I have ever seen him; especially at church! This spray is a miracle. Thank you Dawn! ~C

I love Dawn’s Love Yourself spray! I use the spray in my home office to help clear my thoughts and de-stress whenever I am working in there. I have had a lot going on lately — taking care of my mother’s bills and other paperwork, taxes, revising my resume, etc. — and I usually tend to allow myself to become overwhelmed when I have this much to do. The Love Yourself spray calms me, and I’m able to concentrate and focus on whatever I’m doing. If I’m doing any kind of writing, the words come to me effortlessly. I’ve been using my first bottle of Love Yourself for about 2 weeks, and the difference it has made is amazing! Thank you, Dawn! BJB

~A couple of hours after spraying myself I had tremendous clarity regarding Love and Fear. ~D

I woke up restless at 5 am and could not get back to sleep after trying for some time. I used the spray over the bed and fell back to sleep until 9 am. ~ G

Dawn the spray is wonderful, I can tell if I haven’t used it. I get uptight a lot easier and I also notice when I do use it consistently, I refuse to let anything negative in. I ♥ it! Thank you. ~ J

A friend of mine who uses Love Yourself Spray offered it to a friend of hers after hearing her story: Michelle adopted a baby whom she named Liberty (“Libby”) from a Chinese orphanage when Libby was 14 months. Libby has been in the U.S. for 18 months and they can’t get her day/night timetable adjusted to U.S. time; instead of improving the longer she’s here, it keeps getting worse. Now she wants to be up all night and sleep all day! They have her scheduled for a sleep study to try to figure out why.

I (my friend) offered Dawn’s spray to Michele to try after telling her about it and Michele jumped at the chance for a full night’s sleep. I am thrilled to report that the spray worked it’s magic that first night (May 16) with Libby falling asleep at around 10 pm and not waking until 7 am. AND! has worked every night since!

Hi Dawn,
I think it must be the spray. My cat is 11 yrs old and I just got her July 1st. She has had digestive issues. She is just getting better in that regard. But also, though she is a Sphynx (hairless) cat, which are known to be quite affectionate, she hasn’t been, she’s been staying in her bed a lot. I know it could just be how she was with her former family. But after spraying your spray over her last night, today she has come to seek me out and sit on my lap several times. She’s hardly done that before. She’s almost a different cat!
Thank-you and blessings

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