Chakra Tune Up Set


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Chakra Tune Up Spray Set

*Spray the chosen Chakra spray 6” away from body in the area of chakra intended to balance.  This process helps to clear balance, or heal energies in your energetic field that are not for your highest good.*

Spray 1-2 times in front and back of body

Root  Assists with balancing of grounding, health, relation to finances, home, trust and fears. Spray base of spine, front and back of body.

Sacral – Assists with balancing of emotions, thoughts of self and  creativity building. Spray low belly, front and back of body.

Solar Plexus Assists with balancing old beliefs/habits, anger, sadness and unexpressed emotions. Spray upper belly front and back of body.

Heart  Assists with balancing of repressed emotions, non-supportive beliefs, loss and appetite. Spray chest,front and back of body

Throat Assists with balancing of repressed expression, over expression, speaking your truth and speaking. Spray throat, front and back of body.

Third Eye Assists with balancing of opening inner eye, intuiton, dreams, clear thinking and processing thoughts. Spray forehead, front and back of body.

Crown Assists with knowledge/memory, connectedness/awareness, understanding and attachment. Spray top of head, front and back of body.

Not used to cure disease or illness, but to promote a general sense of wellness.

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