Angel Reading (45 Minutes)




Please allow me to introduce you to what an angel reading is and how it may impact your life…

An angel reading is connecting to your highest Angelic Healing Team and mine to receive loving guidance and support.  During an angel reading, you may seek guidance in whatever you are feeling challenged with in your life.   Your team is  happy to provide direction and guide you to your path of healing, love and joy.

During a reading, I am able to receive messages for you using my intuition,  and through the use of  oracle cards.

Because I know how powerful working with the angels can be, I will also share with you the ways your angels communicate with you on a regular basis that you may be unaware of.

All of my work is based in my desire and passion for connecting with the angels and helping others receive comforting words, inspiration, and love.

There are many angels waiting for us to call on them so they may assist us with some of life’s pressing challenges.

I would love to work with you to help you receive the love and words of encouragement from the angels.  It is my goal to watch you blossom as you follow the divine guidance you receive, which can help you change your thinking and YOUR LIFE in loving and joyful ways!

Readings can be done in person or over the phone.

If you are local to the Massachusetts area, I also offer angel parties which are a fun and inspiring way to share the gift of Angel Readings with your friends and family!


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