Essential Oil Custom Creation




This custom creation will be brought forth after a 10 min phone call with you, where I will ask a few questions about yourself and where you are at during this time on your inner and outer journey. After our call I will put together your blend in a 10ml roll-on bottle using essential oils, crystals and a healing symbol. You can apply your blend on wrists, back of neck, or in your palms, taking several deep breaths as needed.

I am also offering this as a monthly product as well. I will use the same basis of what you may need to create your blend, and you will receive a new bottle every month for $15.

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Weight 2 oz

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  1. Katie

    Dawn made me my roll on specially for me using her divine wisdom and talent, and it is PERFECT! I use it every day and it truly helps me! I don’t know what I’d do without her❤️ .. and my roll on ?

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